Good Shepherd Legacy Society

The Good Shepherd Legacy Society serves to promote thoughtful and effective Catholic philanthropy by recognizing those who have designated the Catholic Community Foundation as their giving vehicle in their stewardship and/or in their estate plan as a reflection of their commitment to their faith and their values.

The Good Shepherd Legacy Society recognizes individuals and families who make a minimum commitment of $25,000 through a planned gift, establishing a donor advised fund, creating an endowment fund, contributing to an existing ministry, endowment fund, or making an outright donation to the ministry of the foundation.

Your membership in the Good Shepherd Legacy Society raises the mantle of leadership and good stewardship, challenging others of faith to follow your lead in meeting the responsibilities of our Catholic values, beliefs and commitments. Donors establishing a fund automatically become members of the foundation’s Good Shepherd Legacy Society. New members are installed in a special ceremony held by the Archbishop of San Antonio annually.

As a Legacy Society member you become both a witness and a participant in reaffirming the ministries of our faith as you fulfill the Baptismal call to be leaven in the world, salt of the earth, and a light to our nation.

All of the foundation’s giving vehicles may be designed to be as general or as specific as the donor wishes, so long as the purpose is to support an official ministry of the Catholic Church.

Members of The Good Shepherd Legacy Society

Larry J. Benson Jr.

Thomas Milton Benson Jr.

Ray and Dorothy Berend

Clifton J. Bolner

General Patrick Henry Brady

Mike Ciskowski

Richard C. Dietz

Stephen and Adele Dufilho

Norman and Leticia Elder

Rosemarie Evancho

John Feist and Dr. M. Celia Flores-Feist

Mitchell and Christine Finnie

Raymond Hannigan

Mark and Cynthia Hoffmann

Kathy Hurst

William and Margie Klesse

Rosemary Kowalski

Frank and Nancy Kudla Jr.

Robert and Hildegard Moore

Paul J. and Evelyn R. Olivier

Annemarie Oswald

Chuck Oswald

George Oswald

Mike Oswald

Tom Oswald

Rev. Msgr. Lawrence Stuebben

Louis and Vivian Vance

C. Clark Welder 

Velma Spruel Williams

Cardinal Robert Sarah and Archbishop Garcia-Siller inducting Bill Klesse into the Good Shepherd Legacy Society.

Cardinal Robert Sarah and Archbishop Garcia-Siller inducting Bill Klesse into the Good Shepherd Legacy Society.

“And when the chief Shepherd is manifested you will obtain the unfading crown of glory.”

- 1 PETER 5:4

We invite you to become a member of the Good Shepherd Legacy Society. For more information please contact Alison Cochrane, CEO/President, at 210-732-2157 or at [email protected].