Annual Report 2020

The Catholic Community Foundation for the Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of San Antonio

Catholic Community Foundation – Annual Report for 2020

Catholic Community greeting

Dear Friends,

As we bring you this 2020 Year In Review, we would like to thank all of our generous donors and those who have continued to support our foundation. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Committee members, and staff of the Catholic Community Foundation, we sincerely appreciate your confidence in allowing us to serve you in fulfilling your charitable intentions. Thank you for being in solidarity with other Catholic philanthropists who through morally responsible investing, share in your passion to support the spiritual, educational and social needs of Catholic communities within our Archdiocese of San Antonio.

Your trust in us has yielded a very positive and promising 2020 report. Endowed investment returns after all fees were 15% and distributed $3.1M in grants to Catholic organizations. Our hope is every Catholic Parish will have an Endowment.

During the summer of 2016, through the leadership of a group of visionary Catholic priests, business and community leaders and financial experts who comprise our Investment Committee, the Foundation restructured its Investment Strategy. Its focus was to provide competitive returns only through Catholic socially responsible investing. The new strategy was overwhelmingly successful and has delivered significant investment returns aligned with benchmarks for the industry. CCF drastically reduced our fees in December 2020, due to growth in accounts and reduced expenses.

Please consider an estate or retirement gift to a Catholic Parish, School or Agency Endowment Fund. Through your will, living trust, or retirement account, you can provide a future gift to Catholic Parish, School or Agency Endowment Funds. A bequest or other planned gift is a beautiful way to leave a lasting legacy for the benefit of Christ’s Kingdom. Thank you for prayerfully joining with us and your fellow parishioners in furthering the good work and future of our Catholic Parishes, Schools and Agencies.

The cornerstones of our Foundation’s ministry are: Confidence, Competence and Confidentiality. These cornerstones keep us focused on our vision, mission and service goals. Through God’s grace, together we will continue to work toward the mission of the Church. May God bless you and your loved ones.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen M. Dufilho
chair, board of trustees
Steve Oswald

The Board of Trustees

The Catholic Community Foundation staff oversees and administers the operation of the

Stephen M. Dufilho

Ray E. Berend
Chair, Audit Committee
Certified Public Accountant

George J. Person
Attorney at Law, Person, Whitworth, Borchers & Morales, L.L.P.

Eric C. Opiela
Attorney at Law

Most Reverend Gustavo Garcia-Siller, M.Sp.S.
Metropolitan Archbishop of San Antonio

Most Rev. Bishop Michael J. Boulette, DD
Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of San Antonio,  Moderator of the Curia, 
Vicar General

Most Reverend Gary W. Janak, J.C.L.
Auxiliary Bishop of San Antonio
Vicar General

Richard Dietz

retired at&t officer

Richard Kardys Jr

retired banker

Rev. Martin J. Leopold

pastor, mary, mother of the church parish

Mona C. Mengler

community volunteer

Rick Molina

business owner, mesquite country enterprises

Paul Olivier

retired banker

John Robb

retired banker



Deacon John Benage

Vice President

[email protected]

Richard Kardys
Chair, Investment Committee,
Catholic Community Foundation/
Catholic Fraternity Fund
Retired Group Vice President – Frost Bank

Michael S. Ciskowski
Retired Executive Vice President & CFO,
Valero Energy Corp.

Richard C. Dietz
Past Investment Committee Chair, Retired AT&T Officer

Stephen M. Dufilho
Chair, Board of Trustees Catholic Community Foundation/Catholic Fraternity Fund Investments

Frank Kudla Jr.
President & COO,
FNK Ventures, LLC

Elizabeth F. Crawford
CEO, Sendero Wealth Management

Steve Oswald
Former CEO/President Catholic Community Foundation/Catholic Fraternity Fund

Catholic Community Foundation


The Catholic Community Foundation was established by Episcopal Decree as an autonomous pious foundation on September 21, 2006, at San Fernando Cathedral and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the State of Texas. The Foundation primarily serves Catholic parishes and organizations within the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

The Investment Committee

The Heart of our Ministry

Under the leadership of Investment Committee Chair Richard Kardys the Investment Committee is dedicated to its mission of advising the Foundation on its investments, assuring our compliance to the tenets of our Catholic faith through Socially Responsible Investing and preserving and growing our member’s assets.

The Good Shepherd Legacy Society

Salt of the Earth & A Light to Our Nation

Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller, M.Sp.S. celebrates Mass Good Shepherd Legacy Society Dr. M.Celia Flores-Feist & John Feist, Rosemary Kowalski, C. Clark Welder and Leticia R. Elder

The Good Shepherd Legacy Society serves to promote thoughtful and effective Catholic Philanthropy.
The Legacy Society recognizes those who have designated the Catholic Community Foundation as their giving vehicle in their stewardship and/or in their Estate Plan as a reflection of their commitment to their Catholic faith and values.

Socially Responsible Investing

We are focused on providing competitive returns while being guided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Statement on Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines (SRI). Rigid Catholic Screening Process and Active Ownership to promote: Protecting Human Life, Promoting Human Dignity, Reducing Arms Production, Pursuing Economic Justice, Protecting the Environment, Encouraging Corporate Responsibility.

Our funds provide Active Ownership for a Better World: Amplifying the Voice of Catholic Investors: Corporate Engagement: Focus on Human Trafficking, Child Sexual Exploitation and Climate Change.

Win / Win: Win for Our Investment Returns and Win for a better world. It is vitally important that our management of investments adhere to the teachings of our faith. Members of the Catholic Community Foundation and Catholic Fraternity Fund are assured that their funds are managed in strict accordance with our Catholic faith.


  • Receives advice from hired Investment Advisor, Sendero Wealth Management
  • Investment Strategy
  • Asset Allocation
  • Manager Selection
  • Funds Allocations
  • Performance of Managers and Funds
  • Socially Responsible Investing with Catholic Restrictions

Three Diversified Investment Funds

new as of august 2016 with minor updates since then

Catholic Community Foundation Endowment

Catholic Fraternity Fund

  • Competitive returns with Catholic Socially Responsible Investing
  • Based on Desired Return/Risk Levels
  • Based on Investment Time Horizons
  • The Minimum Amount to Start each Fund is $25,000
  • Daily Liquidity – Deposits/Withdrawals
  • Withdrawals settle within 2 business days
  • Website with read only access to account (Yesterday’s closed market values, History of statements, performance and transactions)


Three Diversified Investment Funds

  • Sophisticated Local Investment Advisor: Sendero Wealth Management
  • Top Notch Investment Committee
  • Equities – Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS) – 100% Catholic SRI
  • Passive Investments: 57% of the Endowment/Equity Emphasis Fund Index Funds: US Large Cap and US Small Cap
  • Periodic Re-balancing of Accounts
  • Investment Strategy and Tactics Monitored and Periodically Updated
  • Active Managed Investments
  • PIMCO and CBIS Bonds
  • CBIS International Equity
  • Knight of Columbus Secured Loan Fund
  • Bank of America Religous Voice and Values Equity

Reasonable Annual Fees

Tremendous Investment Returns

Tremendous Investment Returns aligned with Industry benchmark Annualized Past Returns as of
12/31/2020 (after Money Managers fees / before CCF fees)

Returns are a historical look-back of the current investment model and are not
representative of a participants return. The current investment model was substantially
changed in August 2016 with minor tweaks thereafter.

Catholic Community Foundation

OUR vision

To offer a vehicle for Catholic parishes, schools, universities, religious orders, agencies and philanthropists to invest funds that are professionally managed to achieve desired risk adjusted returns in strict accordance with our faith, and to strengthen the Catholic community

“We believe we receive with one hand & give out with the other hand. Ultimately, it is Christ within who is the giver.”

leticia r. elder

donor advised member


Make a Difference Donate to a Catholic Endowment Fund

The dedicated Catholic Church Endowment Funds provide for the future sustainability of our Archdiocese, parishes, schools, missions, ministries, and operations. These endowments also provide a vehicle for the community to share a part of their legacy by donating to these perpetual endowments.

These endowments are permanently restricted funds managed by the Catholic Community Foundation to ensure its growth, protection into perpetuity, and annual grant distributions. For example the annual grant distribution is usually 4% of a rolling 3-year average market value in the endowment fund.

The endowments are professionally invested in a diverse portfolio of stocks, bonds and alternatives guided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) statement on Social Responsible Investing, and are managed in strict accordance with our Catholic faith.

Please consider leaving your legacy and making a difference in perpetuity by contributing to one of our many Catholic Church Endowment Funds.

Thank you for your prayers and generosity!

Most Reverent,

Gustavo García-Siller, M.Sp.S

donation options

Please mail/deliver your donation to:

Catholic Endowment Funds

111 Barilla Place, San Antonio, TX 78209

or donate online with the Catholic Community Foundation at

Designated Funds

Designated Funds

Create a legacy today through a professionally managed Catholic Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund or Designated Fund. A Donor Advised Fund provides turnkey solutions in fulfilling giving goals. Donors are assured their funds are managed in strict accordance with Catholic faith.

All investments are guided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Statement on Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines. Funds provide competitive returns while being aligned with Catholic Socially Responsible Investing. Anyone can create a permanent legacy of faith, family & future through the establishment of a Donor Advised Fund. The minimum amount to start a fund is $25,000. The donor will receive immediate charitable tax deductions for each contribution to the account.

Over time donor advised fundholders recommend charitable gift distributions from their account to Catholic parishes, schools, seminaries, apostolates or other nonprofit organizations of their choice.

Estate and Planned Giving

Creating A Lasting Impact

The Catholic Community Foundation encourages every Catholic to remember the Church and its ministries in their planned giving through their Last Will and Testament or through other vehicles such as a gift of 401k, 403b, SEP, IRA and /or Life Insurance, Bank or Brokerage account, beneficiary designations. Establish a planned gift that meets your goals – whether you would like to put your donation to work today or benefit a Catholic organization or ministry after your lifetime, the Foundation can assist you in finding a charitable plan that allows you to provide for your family and support the Catholic Community Foundation or any other Catholic ministry of your choice. Remember to consult with an estate planning attorney.

There are many types of Planned Giving instruments available to you and your family depending on your philanthropic and estate goals. Let us assist you in finding the one that best serves your Planned Giving purpose.

Catholic Community Foundation

Please make a legacy gift to a Catholic Endowment Fund

Did you know that there are ways to support a Catholic Parish, School or Agency Endowment Fund that doesn’t affect your current lifestyle or family’s security? Through your will, living trust, or retirement account, you can provide a future gift to a Catholic Parish, School or Agency Endowment Fund. This is a simple, meaningful way to provide for your family’s future while also addressing the future needs of your parish.

If you have already included a Catholic Parish, School or Agency Endowment Fund in your estate plans, please let us know so that we can show our appreciation for your thoughtfulness now. We want to be sure that we recognize your gift in a way that is meaningful to you.

If you have not yet remembered a Catholic Parish, School or Agency Endowment Fund in your estate plan, please review the sample giving opportunities listed below. If you are considering a beneficiary designation as a gift, all that is needed is to simply fill out a beneficiary designation form for the retirement (IRA, 401k, 403b, 457, SEP), brokerage or bank account from which you wish to make your gift. Please consider making a gift to one of the following Catholic causes:

  • Catholic Parish Endowment – to support your parish
  • Seminarian Formation Endowment – to support the formation of priests
  • Catholic Charities Endowment – to support social service ministries
  • Hope For The Future Catholic Schools Endowment – to support Catholic Schools tuition assistance
  • or to your favorite Catholic Endowment Fund

Please contact Alison Cochrane, CEO/President at the Catholic Community Foundation, who will be happy to assist you in choosing a gift that best suits your situation and interests. Please contact her at (210) 732-2157 or by email at [email protected].

A bequest or other planned gift is a beautiful way to leave a lasting legacy for the benefit of Christ’s Kingdom. Thank you for prayerfully joining with us and your fellow parishioners in furthering the good work and future of the Archdiocese of San Antonio.