“In many areas in our lives we trust others who know more than we do. We trust the architect who builds our home, the pharmacist who gives us medicine for healing, the lawyer who defends us in court.”



Endowments · Donor Advised Funds · Planned Giving/Bequests · Agency (Depository/Investment Management) Accounts


St. Matthew – Patron Saint of Bankers

The Catholic Community Foundation provides endowment and investment management services for dioceses, Catholic institutions/foundations, parishes, schools, agencies, cemeteries and religious congregations by managing, safeguarding and growing their financial resources in support of their ministries.

In addition to our institutional Church participants, we also serve the needs of the “giving faithful” who wish to support their parish and/or other Catholic ministries through the establishment of an endowment, a donor advised fund, an outright donation, or through a planned giving gift for tax or estate purposes.

Click here to learn about the Good Shepherd Legacy Society.

Our services are available only to official Catholic organizations and to the donor/family wishing to support the mission of the Church through their faith-based giving. Click here to view a list of ministries for your consideration.


final-Holy-Spirit-stained-glass-windowOur Services for Catholic Institutions

(Diocese, parish, cemetery, congregation, university, school, Catholic organization/foundation)

The Catholic Community Foundation provides endowment and investment management services to Catholic institutions, through socially responsible investment models, by helping them reach their long-term financial goals and to help provide for their sustainability. This is done in two ways:

  • An Endowment Fund – We can work with your diocese, parish or institution to establish and manage an endowment for your specific purpose as defined in an endowment agreement in perpetuity. Endowed funds are owned by the Catholic Community Foundation with perpetual protection for their stated purpose. Individuals or family may also start new endowment funds for Catholic parishes, schools or organizations meaningful in their life.

$2,500 Bonus Offer for new CCF Endowment Accounts – LIMITED OFFER!  Establish a new CCF Endowment account supporting a Catholic parish, school, cemetery, religious, order, ministry or agency within the Archdiocese of San Antonio. A $2,500 Bonus is then deposited into the new Endowment account. This Bonus is limited to one bonus per entity and provided by generous donors.

  • An Agency (depository) Fund – Your funds/savings on deposit will be managed to provide investment appreciation for purposes of growing your funds for when you need them. This service is offered by our wholly owned nonprofit subsidiary the Catholic Fraternity Fund.



  • Equity Emphasis Fund
  • Balanced Fund
  • Income Emphasis Fund

These investment funds are monitored, updated and fine-tuned as circumstances and market conditions dictate thanks to our team of professional investment advisors whose sole purpose is to protect and grow your funds.


Endowment Fund and Equity Emphasis Fund Allocation

The Equity Emphasis Fund’s primary objective is to grow the portfolio at a higher rate above inflation than the Balanced Fund through a diversified portfolio.  The Equity Emphasis Fund invests primarily in a portfolio of CUITs holding US and international equity securities, but may also invest in mutual funds that hold fixed income securities, as well as in cash and cash equivalents.


Equity Emphasis Fund

Asset Class                    Weights

Cash                                 1%

Fixed Income                   24%

Total Stability                                       25%

Domestic Equity              57%

International Equity        18%

Total Equities                                      75%

Grand Total                                         100%


Balanced Fund Allocation

The Balanced Fund’s primary objective is to grow the portfolio above inflation at a higher rate than the Income Emphasis Fund through a diversified portfolio.  The Balanced Fund invests in CUITs funds that hold fixed income securities, but may also invest in CUITs holding US and international equity securities, as well as in cash and cash equivalents.

Balanced Fund

Asset Class                      Weights

Cash                                   1%

Fixed Income                   49%

Total Stability                                       50%

Domestic Equity                38%

International Equity          12%

Total Growth                                       50%

Grand Total                                        100%


Income Emphasis Fund Allocation

The Income Emphasis Fund’s primary objective is to preserve capital above inflation while providing income from interest and dividends.  The Income Emphasis Fund invests primarily in CUITs funds that hold fixed income securities, but may also invest in CUITs holding US and international equity securities, as well as in cash and cash equivalents.

Income Emphasis Fund

Asset Class                       Weights

Cash                                    5%

Fixed Income                    65%

Total Stability                                     70%

Domestic Equity                23%

International Equity            7%

Total Growth                                      30%

Grand Total                                       100%




Our Growth and Rates of Return

The goal of each fund is to offer competitive returns while investing according to the Catholic faith as outlined by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops statement on Social Responsible Investing. The investment strategy was slightly updated in February 2021. Note: Returns below are a historical look back of the current Investment funds and are not representative of a participants return.

CCF Endowment/CFF Equity Emphasis Fund – Annual Investment Returns after Money Manager Fees, before CCF Management Fees of the current Investment strategy

As of March 31, 2022                                                    

$200,000 or more              Under $200,000                          

1 Year           5.3%                  5.6%                                  

3 Years        13.0%                 13.3%                                  

5 Years        11.4%                 11.6%                                  

10 Years      10.5%                 10.6%  


CFF Balanced Fund – Annual Investment Returns after Money Manager Fees, before CCF Management Fees of the current Investment strategy

As of March 31, 2022                                                    

1 Year                 3.0%                                                                           

3 Years             10.1%                                                                            

5 Years              9.0%                                                                           

10 Years            8.2%


CFF Income Emphasis Fund – Annual Investment Returns after Money Manager Fees, before CCF Management Fees of the current Investment strategy

As of March 31, 2022                                                    

1 Year                1.0%                                                      

3 Years              6.8%                                                                      

5 Years              6.3%                                                                          

10 Years            5.8%   



There are many ways in which the “giving faithful” can fulfill their stewardship responsibilities. Working with the Catholic Community Foundation, here are some tax deductible options:

  • Make an Unrestricted Gift
  • Make a Restricted Gift
  • Make a gift to an Existing Fund
  • Make a Deferred Gift (planned giving)
  • Establish an Endowment Fund
  • Establish a Donor Advised Fund

Unrestricted Gift to an Existing Fund – Unrestricted gifts, which can be made in any amount, will be directed by the Board of Trustees to help sustain Catholic institutions and programs and for general operating purposes as needed.

Restricted Gift to Establish a New Fund – Restricted gifts, which can be made in any amount over $25,000, will be held and managed for the specific purpose designated by the donor and for no other purpose. Restricted gifts are permanently protected by virtue of their contract.

Gift to an Existing Fund – This is a quick and easy way to put your gift to work right away. Your gift to an existing fund can be made in any amount. Click here to view a list of existing funds and their ministry for your consideration

Establish an Endowment Fund – A donor/family can establish a permanent endowment for a specific purpose as defined in the Endowment Agreement and managed by the Foundation in perpetuity. The fund, which can be named for the specific ministry or in honor of a family or person, can be in the amount of $10,000 or more. A new Endowment that benefits a Catholic parish may be started in the amount of $5,000 or more.  The Foundation provides perpetual management for the growth and protection of the funds.

Click here for a current list of CCF Endowment Funds

Donor Advised Fund – A donor/family can establish a donor advised fund in their name (or in someone else’s name or anonymously) in any amount over $25,000. The fund would be managed under the certain terms and conditions as outlined in the donor agreement. Donors may receive a charitable tax deduction and then can either recommend the recipient(s) of the earnings or give the foundation’s Board of Trustees authority to determine which Catholic ministries are most in need of assistance.

Deferred Gift (planned giving) – The Catholic Community Foundation offers an array of deferred and planned giving options depending upon the donor’s particular circumstances, needs, and wishes. Some of these options would be a bequest included in your Last Will and Testament, various types of life insurance trusts, an assignment of an existing life insurance policy or a charitable gift annuity. Click here for more details of planned giving options

If you have an interest in having the Catholic Community Foundation help you design a program that best meets your needs and goals, please contact Alison Cochrane at 210-732-2157 or at [email protected].


“Our ministry is to support both Catholic institutions and the laity who make the work of the Church possible through their personal support and commitment to their faith.”

- Alison Cochrane



As an autonomous pious foundation operating under I.R.C. 501-c-3, donations to the Catholic Community Foundation are generally tax deductible. However, donors are always advised to seek legal and professional tax advice as everyone’s circumstances are different.

“Please consider leaving your legacy and making a difference in perpetuity by contributing to one of our many Catholic Church Endowment Funds. Select a charity truly meaningful in your life and create or add to the endowment fund that provides that charity with support in perpetuity.”

Thank you for your prayers and generosity!


- Most Reverend, Gustavo García-Siller, M.Sp.S.

Archbishop of San Antonio